Tamara Benitez is a Cinematographer based in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, near the Philippine capital of Manila.

Tamara studied under the tutelage of Cinematographer Larry Manda at the Mowelfund Film Institute in 2003, one of the last batch of students to learn the craft using film cameras.  After apprenticing under various industry greats, Tamara went on to shoot movies such as Heremias by Award winning Director Lav Diaz and Anak ni Brocka and Ang Bangka Sa Pagitan Ng Dalawang Ilog by Sigfried Sanchez. Tamara has worked on several projects spanning the genres of Film, TV, TVCs, Music Videos, Documentary, and more. She now specializes in underwater and surf cinematography.

Tamara regularly produces surf and travel films, which she releases under her brand, ByTheSea.

10 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Tamara is one of the few cinematographers who not only has a good eye for great shots, but also as a good grasp of every aspect of production. She has a genuine love for the craft of filmmaking and has always been an inspiration to me in making ideas come to life onscreen


      1. It would greatly help the article if you could go to wikipedia and log into your original account or a new one and click “upload file” at the side and upload a photo of yourself or videos or whatever. If you could license them under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution or something. Meanwhile I’m working on your article!!


  2. Hi. I was wondering if you could tell us what your ethnic heritage is. We figured you’re of Spanish descent but could you be specific for the article? Thanks


    1. Thanks. Yes, my dad’s Filipino and my mom’s mestiza.. It’s a Spanish-Filipino mix but we’re not sure how much. Definitely more Spanish than Filipino.

      A new film coming out this month: Ang Bangka Sa Pagitan ng Dalawang Ilog/In Bangka Ha Ut Sin Duwa Sapah/The Boat Between Two Rivers, for the Sineng Pambansa Film Festival.

      Tamara Benitez Director of Photography http://www.tamarabenitez.com +63 918 3094264


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