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2014 Aerial Reel

ByTheSea has jumped on the aerial bandwagon and purchased a drone. Here’s a little peek at what we are capable of.

Cinematography by Tamara Benitez.

All footage shot with the GoPro Hero 3+ Black from GoPro Philippines Dan’s.

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DogsByTheSea: Monster at 13 Weeks


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DogsByTheSea: Coco at 13 Weeks


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DogsByTheSea: Beluga at 13 Weeks


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South Swell Morning Showers

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A rare sunny South Swell morning in Zambales, Tamara catches some peelers before the crowd shows up.

Producer: Tamara Benitez

GoPro Hero 3+ Black

Seen here:
Alon Surf Products

Roxy Philippines
GoPro Philippines

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DogsByTheSea: Labradoodles at 10 Weeks


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First of the South Swell

A little exercise to kick off the South Swell, shot entirely on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

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